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What If I were to Run for public office?

Bullet List of Where I Stand:

No Monetary Donations

  I would like to run my campaign on no donations

  I believe you are owned by people or businesses when they give you money - which is to be expected

  I want to be owned by the voters and citizens and their families

  In other words, if you vote for me, and you provide me direction on what is needed - then that is how I will run my campaign

Discontinue a declaration of what party you are, such as Republican or Democrat

  I am a registered Independent, because I vote across the board

  Citizens should not have to declare a party, for this divides

  We have never been more divided than with political parties

  Only the person running for office should declare a party

Quality of Life

  We need to go back to being touch on crime

  You commit a crime, you will have consequences


Criminal Rehabilitation Program

  Most criminals are in a never ending circle

  Create reform programs, such as Hope for Prisoners

  These are great programs, and they do work

Health and Housing 

  The Elderly are number one on my list

  Veterans are number two on my list

  Everyone should have the right to health care and housing

  Our government favors people who are liars and frauds

  Let's start giving assistance to our elderly and to our veterans

  Then we can work on a plan for the rest of us who need help, or maybe temporary assistance

  The current program is not fair

Stop Daylight Savings Time

  There is a host of studies that show Time Change is unnecessary, stressful, and even causes car accidents

  (I will provide those articles to support my stance)

Turn our Time into 24 Hour time

  Did you know we are the only country using am and pm?

  Have you ever missed a flight because you thought it was 7 in the evening, but it was 7 in the morning?

  24 hour time is very easy, efficient and leads to less confusion

  We will in a 24 hours world - let's focus on everyone and every job and every location

Nevada State Lottery

  It is time

  We need a lottery

  To keep casinos happy - only sell the tickets inside a casino


  We must go back to the basics: Reading, Writing, Match, etc.

  We must make sure our children graduate from school with proper reading and writing knowledge

  We must make sure our children have proper financial understanding to be responsible

  We need our children ready for real life

Bicycle Safety Training and Registration

  I created a plan to make Bicycle Registration mandatory

  The plan will come in three parts:  1- voluntary registration, 2 - Registration for all bikes on the streets,  3 - if we can prove it works, then mandatory registration for all bicycles

  My reasons:  Registration requires training for safety, Registration helps prove ownership of bicycles, Registration helps pave bike lanes and takes the burden off of automobile owners


  Adoption should be simple and low cost

  People who choose to give up a child should have no criminal consequences

  We need to adopt U.S. children first, and we should make it efficient

School and College textbooks and Transportation Bicycles

  Have you attended college and seen the price of textbooks - then to have your book stolen?

  Have you used your bicycle as your main mode of transportation - then to have that stolen?

  It is terrible that the people who steal these lifeline objects are only given a ticket, and not stopped

  If a book is for school, or your bicycle is your main transportation, it should always be a felony

Minimum Wage

  We should have no minimum wage

  WAIT... let me explain....

  There are businesses who could easily hire ten people or more, but they are strapped by the law due to minimum wage

  People will work for what they want and no less

  Minimum wage is too high for small businesses

  We need to support small businesses and let them choose their wage, and the people choose to work there

  However, those businesses still pay taxes, and the workers still pay taxes

  More people will have jobs, more people pay tax

  It is a win for all

  Isn't it worth it to try... just try.  If we fail, then go back to minimum wage

  Also, if someone is here illegally, they won't steal a job you could have because you are bound by minimum wage, and they are not


  In order to get welfare, you must physically go to a job site or job connection business

Credit Score

  It is time to remake the credit score

  They are, at best, inaccurate

  They do not judge a person by their character, but by mistakes

  My credit score is full of mistakes which I cannot correct - in fact even names I never heard of

  These mistakes are based on the credit companies - not me

  I find credit scores worthless

  People looking for a home should not be judged on this number

  We need a new plan - we should judge people on character


  I will not make it mandatory, but I will urge people to be respectful of our planet

  Recycling should be easy, and we should teach everyone how easy it is

  Most of all - we need to care for our planet and produce less waste

The 2nd Amendment

  I agree we have the right to bear arms, but I also agree with gun safety issues

  I believe everyone who owns a gun should have training

  I have a plan to help preserve our rights, but also to help with training to everyone - even kids

  Guns deserve a certain respect, and knowledge and training is the best way to respect guns and the 2nd Amendment

  Also, if you have served your time in prison for non-violence, you deserve your right to be returned

Child Support

  What a big issue with no light at the end of the tunnel

  I have been on both sides, and I know the flaws

  I have a plan to reduce flaws, and to help both sides - payee and payor

Public Restrooms

  We all need restrooms at one point or another

  We cannot expect nor force businesses to relinquish their facilities

  We should have public restrooms often, and for everyone

  I am sure everyone has had an emergency need at one time or another

Community Opinion and Ideas

  If you present me with your Ideas and Opinions - I will add them to my list

  In other words, you will know where I stand



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