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Connectisation brings people together with Quality Products and/or Services which fit them best.

Connectisation also helps bring ideas into reality.

Connectisation - connecting people through active listening conversations in order to find out the real needs.

​Meet Stephani. Stephani is  lifelong Entrepreneur and Equestrian.  Learn more about Stephani...

Stephani has  a Master's Degree in Public Administration as well as two Bachelor's Degrees in Business, and a Marketing and Advertising Degree.


Stephani created one of the first Frozen Yogurt franchises when she was 19.  She has continued her passion, while also earning her college degrees and working a full-time job.​

Stephani teaches Business at a college level, and also volunteers with agencies to help high school students become entrepreneurs.

Stephani Preston Loffredo

IYou can find Stephani on Linkedin

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