Connectisation is a management and consultant based business to help other small businesses with start up or growth, as well as customer service.

Connectisation assists with market research and training so that your business can improve in both profit and service.

​Meet Stephani. Stephani is  lifelong Entrepreneur and Equestrian.  Learn more about Stephani...

Stephani has  a Master's Degree in Public Administration as well as two Bachelor's Degrees in Business, and a Marketing and Advertising Degree.


Stephani created one of the first Frozen Yogurt franchises when she was 19.  She has continued her passion, while also earning her college degrees and working a full-time job.​

Stephani teaches Business at a college level, and also volunteers with agencies to help high school students become entrepreneurs.

Stephani Preston Loffredo

IYou can find Stephani on Linkedin